How To Identify Quality Matcha And Mix It Yourself

Matcha is one of the most concentrate of antioxidants on the planet! These compounds help fend off free radicals. One antioxidant found in matcha has been shown to help support metabolism, aids healthy skin aid weight loss. It is also rich in fiber, vitamins and amino acids.

How To Identify Good Matcha
Origin - Japan
Aroma - fresh and grassy
Color- rich vibrant green
Taste - smooth without lingering bitterness

Steps For Mixing Your Own Modern Matcha
Step 1. Use bamboo scoop 1/2 tsp. Teahouse Organic Matcha Powder (Ceremonial grade match like our Matcha Koicha can be enjoyed on its own, while our Organic Matcha Powder is a good pick for smoothies and tea lattes)
Step 2. Place the sifter over bowl or mug, use the bamboo scoop to sift the matcha down to prevent clumps.
Step 3. Pour 2oz. 60ml of hot water preferably not boiling, about 165° into the bowl or mug.
Step 4. Tilting the mug toward you, use bamboo whisk or electric whisk to vigorously mix the matcha for about 10 seconds.
Step 5. ***Optional: Slowly add more water to taste preference, we usually add 4oz / 120ml. The more you add water, the lighter the flavor.


Iced Matcha Latte Recipe
Use the same instructions in Step 1 to whisk the matcha, but use 1 teaspoon matcha with 2 ounces water.
Whisk in 1 tablespoon honey.
Add ¾ cup skim or oat milk. Low-fat or dairy-free milk is best for an iced latte.
Add ice and serve!

Matcha Latte Tips
You can make a matcha latte with any type of milk you like by adding them to your drink!
Whole milk: The best dairy milk? Whole milk. It steams and froths the best, making the most textured latte.
Oat milk: The best non-dairy milk? Oat milk froths up the best of any of the non-dairy milk options.

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