How to Prepare & Properly Steep Fine Organic Tea

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Yunan Black Gold - Black Tea, Gyokuro - Green Tea, 2001 Vintage Oak Barrel Aged - Pu-Erh

Steeping loose leaf  tea in hot or cold water allows the unique flavors, aromas, and health-promoting compounds to be extracted from dried leaves or other dried or fresh ingredients. 

It is important to brew the leaves with water that is the correct in temperature. If you use water that is too hot, you could burn the tea leaves, and using water that is too cool can make your tea seem weak and bland. 

The water temperature can also influence the caffeine content in a tea. Using water that has the correct or recommended temperature for your tea is a great way to ensure and obtain a safe and tasty cup! 

Tea Steeping Guide

Black Tea 

1 level tsp. 
6 oz. at  212° water / 196° boiling point for higher altitude places

Steep 3-5 minutes

Note: In cases as Santa Fe being of higher elevation your water may never quite reach that temperature even at a full boil.  

Green Tea 

1 level tsp.  
6 oz. at 160-180° water 
Steep 1-2 minutes

Note: Some speciality green teas, like our Gryokuro should be brewed at an even lower temperature, closer to 140 degrees.

White Tea 

2 level tsp. 
6 oz. at 160-180° water
Steep 2-3 minutes

Note: Just like green tea, white tea is more delicate than robust black or herbal teas,  it requires a cooler water temperature in order to avoid damaging the leaves.

Oolong Tea

1 level tsp. 
6 oz. at 196°-212° water

Steep 3-5 minutes

Note: The water should be almost, but not quite, boiling. Oolong tea falls in between green tea and black tea; some oolongs are darker and more oxidized similar to other black teas.

Pu-erh Tea

1 heaping tsp.
6 oz. at 196°-212° water 

Steep 3-5 minutes

Note: Pu-erh teas are aged, partially fermented teas with a full body and a smooth, earthy flavor. They are high in caffeine and are a great substitute for coffee drinkers. 

Herbal Tea / Caffeine-Free Infusion 

1 heaping tsp. 
6 oz. at 196°-212° water 

Steep 5-10 minutes

Note: Herbal teas are caffeine-free and can be infused for a longer period of time without getting bitter. May also be served cold for a refreshing, flavorful iced tea.

Rooibos Tea 

1 level tsp.
6 oz. at 196°-212° water

Steep 8-10 minutes


¼ level tsp. matcha
2 oz. 175°
6 oz. additional hot water or steamed milk of your choice such as almond milk, oat milk coconut milk, dairy milk, etc.

Note: Ceremonial grade match like our Matcha Koicha can be enjoyed on its own, while our organic matcha powder is a good pick for smoothies and tea lattes.

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