Caffeine Free Infusions

The natural caffeine in black and green teas is balanced and moderated by its l-theanine, an amino acid that also produces some of the savory flavors in these teas. L-theanine helps to regulate alpha brain wave activity, relaxing the mind without inducing drowsiness, allowing increased concentration.

Still, there are many tea lovers who want to enjoy tea without any caffeine. We offer an extravagant variety of naturally caffeine-free teas, including our rooibos teas and robust and aromatic triple-roasted mugicha teas (made from Mugi barley). Genmaicha (Genmai) is a blend of Bancha with well-roasted brown rice adding a nutty taste and roasted aroma. Explore our selections of premium decaf teas, herbal teas, and tea blends. We currently offer over 16 variations!