Oolong Teas

We offer the best oolongs, ranging from lightly to heavily oxidized and varying degrees of roasting. Traditional semi-oxidized oolong shares similarities with both green and black tea but possesses unique flavors, nuanced aromas, and health benefits. Oolong tea naturally contains polyphenol, which creates oolong’s delicious and unique flavor and promotes beauty, health, and digestion. 

In addition to our great afternoon tea offering, Gaba oolong from Japan, we source many exquisite oolongs from China: Anxi, Dan Cong, Wu Yi, and Yunnan. These teas are grown in diverse terrains, from rich, fertile soils to high-elevation volcanic rocks, from mineral-rich soil and limestone to bamboo-forested hills, producing flavors from green floral and sweet to thick tastes of profound fermentation with strong aromas.

Taste our comprehensive oolong offerings and experience the breadth of flavors from toasted nuttiness to sweet honey nectar. We are proud to offer such a wide selection from classic Anxi to the finest rock oolongs of Wuyi as well as Dan Cong dancing oolongs! These are soothing yet stimulating taste and aroma experiences. Enjoy!