Pu erh Teas

Pu-erh (also spelled as pu erh and pu’er), traditionally used for digestion, is made from a Yunnan large-leaf varietal of Camellia sinensis. The differences in pu-erhs come through the aging process, including cave aging followed by aging in oak barrels. Pu-erh can be aged for decades or even longer to develop more depth and texture.

Raw pu-erh (Sheng tea) is the traditional form. It is sun-dried and compressed and is typically fermented very slowly, stored and aged. Raw pu-erh is characterized by warm tones of earth, damp moss and oak that shift and shape during the aging process. These teas are considered collectibles and are typically priced well out of the range of the average tea lover. Our mission is to bring high quality pu-erh teas to you at an affordable price!

Ripe pu-erh (Shou tea) is fermented for one to two months, undergoing a mellowing process that changes this fine tea’s colors to darker red-brown. Our ripe pu-erhs are selected based on their taste profile, fermentation degree, quality of leaf and future aging potential. When making ripe pu-erh, the tea is fermented over a few weeks under heavy, wet blankets and develops characteristics similar to that of aged raw pu-erh. 

Whether raw or ripe, pu-erh teas produce wonderfully rich cups with deep notes of earth, moss and mushroom or even sweet vanilla malt and gentle musks. Try some!