Tea Merchandise

Good tea utensils are essential for the proper brewing and serving of tea. Here you’ll find tea products to help you experience the importance of properly preparing these fine teas in your own home. From teapots, infuser cups, and tumblers, to tea sets, tea canisters, kettles, and measuring spoons, we have all you need for preparing and enjoying fine tea, available for delivery direct to you.

Tea utensils of beautiful form, color, and purpose complement and help you best experience our fine loose-leaf teas. Also available for ordering online are matcha teaware and accessories like specialty matcha whisks, spoons, and tongs, as well as utensils for infusing, boiling, and steeping: all to help you make the perfect frothy cup of matcha!  

The ritual of preparing and drinking tea offers a rewarding and thrilling world to explore. The varied sense experience of tea evokes deep memories and emotions. 

The ritual and shared human experience of preparing and drinking tea leaves space to appreciate and truly inhabit the moment, inspiring conversation and connection. Tea ceremonies, whether elaborate or simple rituals, expand the true magic of tea!